Bath Presbyterian Church

4624 Bath Road Dayton,Ohio (937) 233-6925

Clerk of Session Message


Session is gearing up for the busiest part of ourchurch year. We welcome the month of Thanksgiving and look forward to sharing all the coming events together. 

Our Executive Presbyter, Dennis Piermont, is retiring after ten years of service to our Presbytery. He led the Presbytery through some difficult times when churches left our
denomination. What many of you may not realize is that it was done with the best interests of all people involved, and in caring and loving ways which the Lord expects of us all. While other presbyteries are also losing churches in our denomination, it is not being accomplished in the same gentle way that our presbytery
enabled the process to be conducted.

Dennis was also with Bath Church the Sunday following the untimely passing of our beloved Pastor Doris. He led our worship, praying with us at a difficult time when our hearts were broken. Dennis was also instrumental in Bath’s search for a pastor when we were blessed with Pastor Tom, Pastor Kelley, Pastor Doris, and Pastor Emily. We all have many reasons to be thankful for his service in our Presbytery.

At this time the Executive Presbyter Search Committee is hard at work interviewing prospective candidates for the position of our next E.P. The work is progressing well and they are still looking at a time line of making a choice in the next few weeks. Once that choice has been made the candidate will be interviewed by
the Committee on Ministry. Following that a Called Presbytery Meeting will be held at the end of November to vote on the new person. It is expected that the new E.P. will begin the work at the end of January or beginning of February.

Meanwhile our Presbytery will be in good hands with our Stated Clerk, Larry Hollar as he continues the excellent work he does so well. Reverend Bob Wade, chair of Staff Support will also be available when needed. At the November meeting, the Presbytery will also be voting on a person to fill in as Executive Presbyter for a few weeks, doing the important work that Dennis has done. Above all, God guides the journey of all the churches and congregations in the Presbytery.

Bank balances as of September 30th: Checking
account - $31,026.34;
CDs - $70,123.51; Money Market - $15,337.82;
Vanguard Wellington - $97,256.45;
Total monies - $213,744.12

Susan Lockwood will serve as commissioner to the November Presbytery meeting.

If anyone is interested in getting one of the new Bath Church polo shirts or t-shirts be sure to call your order in to the clerk as soon as possible.

There will not be a Thanksgiving Eve service this year. There has been low attendance the last few years and Pastor Emily is less than half time pastor. This was a decision that was made in the worship committee meeting and session approved unanimously.

Gidget Collins
Clerk of Session