Clerk of Session Message

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Clerk's Corner

2021 is off to a busy start for all of us at Bath! As we continue to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we are thankful to be blessed with the opportunity of receiving vaccines and promising changes in mitigation guidelines! I can’t help but think of the irony and beauty of these changes coming during spring – as flowers bloom, we are able to have renewed energy and life as we begin worshipping closer to our traditional ways.

In February, Session resumed in-person worship prior to moving to the parking lot for the Spring weather. Both the COVID-19 committee and Session continue to modify our mitigation efforts as a response to a variety of factors. At our meeting, we endorsed Dr. Janet Miller as a Commissioned Ruling Elder candidate. Janet follows Gidget Collins on this endeavor and intends to server the larger church in various ministries! Congratulations and best of luck to Janet on this enriching journey and ministry!

The Fellowship & Congregational Care committee has begun hosting virtual Coffee & Trivia over Zoom. Val Quinn has hosted our friendly, engaging competition! Our support to the Huber Heights schools continues and we are considering expanding this ministry to include other churches. Due to Rescue Me’s loss in their 501(c)(3) status, we are seeking other ministries to care for all animals and all of God’s children.

In March, Session appreciated the work of Deb Hitchcock and others in altering, decorating, and revamping our Nursery. Additionally, the Property committee began several projects to replace faucets across the church and begin receiving estimates for replacing a boiler and our roof.

Thanks to everyone for all their wonderful work and ministry in supporting Bath and the larger church!

Thank you to all who continue to contribute to the ministries of the church! Dr. J.O. Miller and Pam Byrd continue to server as our Treasurer and Financial Secretary, respectively, and care for the finances of our church – thank you!

A friendly reminder that an Expense & Reimbursement Form must be received by the Treasurer for expenses. This form should denote what line item the money is being accounted to. Additionally, the individual submitting must ensure they are in communication with the appropriate Elder(s) for approval and tracking of the expense.

Ethan Johns—Clerk of Session