Clerk of Session Message


Here are some of the highlights of the last session meeting. If you want more detailed information session has decided to return to posting the minutes from session and the financial reports. They will be posted on the computer room bulletin board.
Pam Byrd was elected as the new Financial Secretary. Sharon Cottrill will help train Pam in the work of the position. Gidget Collins was elected to serve as Clerk of Session and Hazel Pomfret was elected to serve as Treasurer until a new person is found.
The Lenten Study continues on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm during Lent at Faith Presbyterian Church. The evening begins with dinner, the study, and then ends with Communion.
Pastor Emily will postpone Bible study for the time being and instead will do a Lenten study, Advent study and another Bible study at a different time during the year.
Pastor Emily led the Presbytery sexual misconduct training following the February Presbytery meeting. Bath clerk Gidget Collins attended the two hour training (as Moderator of Presbytery) and has a certificate from the training.
Sunday March 11th we return to Daylight Savings Time. Be sure to set your clocks so you don’t miss church.
I am long distance friends with the current clerk of session serving in the Presbyterian Church near Borthwick Castle. June has looked at our church website and also the presbytery website. She likes the Scripture Focus we have done as a presbytery this past year. She sent me the monthly Prayer Diary they do in their area. June’s words to me are: “these monthly diaries are compiled by volunteers from the congregations and grew out of the work of our Prayer Circle, which meets fortnightly for a period of silent contemplative prayer followed by a time of general prayer followed by fellowship over tea and cake.” I love their language, and that following prayer they enjoy fellowship over tea and cake. When you look at our website know that there are others from the “mothership” in Scotland interested in our work as well.
Gidget Collins
Clerk of Session