Clerk of Session Message

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Clerk's Corner

It’s hard to believe that 2021 is coming to and end and 2022 is beginning! There are lots of exciting things happening at the church, and Session is looking for-ward to a wonderful 2022! The craziness and unique circumstance of 2021 have not allowed us to fully complete our 2020 financial or clerk review of books – both of which will be completed in early 2022.

Special thanks to all those who served on this year’s Nominating Committee – we have a three Elders to install at the beginning of 2022 including Verna Drake, Mabel
Geis, and Susan Lockwood. As we install new Elders, we thank Deb Hitchcock, Judy Morin, and Donna 
Swingley for their service! Session also recently re-newed our contract with Pastor Emily Haddox – her leadership is a true blessing and inspiration to us all!


As 2021 comes to a close, we are ending in a deficit as pro-jected. The church, however, maintains in a financial healthy state with vast capital and endowments. Once again, we anticipate a large deficit in 2022 and appreciate everyone’s continued support and generosity. Despite our small size, we have been able to contribute both locally and internationally to an ever growing number of missions and needs. The committee
will continue looking at ways to formalize our endowment and investment strategies in 2022. A special thanks to all those 
who serve on the committee, especially J.O. Miiller for his service as Treasurer and Pam Byrd for her service as Financial Secretary!

Thanks and Merry Christmas, Ethan