Clerk of Session Message


Happy New Year from Session. May this year be filled with joy and continued friendship for our church.
Thank you to Jeff Whitaker for his service the past three years on session. Many new ideas were instituted thanks to Jeff and his dedication of looking forward. As he has said, he had a great teacher in Pastor Doris.
There are some safety concerns that Pastor Emily thought needed to be addressed by session. Since everyone has a church key, and this can create problems and safety concerns, session decided to have the entire church rekeyed, including the pastor study, and issue “do not duplicate” keys. The following positions will be issued a key: the six session elders (moderator of W.G. serves on session), the clerk, the pastor, the care taker, the treasurer, the choir director, and the media sign person. There will be a master key to be duplicated and kept in the fire proof safe. Each year the locks will be rekeyed, and new keys will be distributed. The pastor’s study will only be available when the pastor is present.
Pastor Emily will lead a Youth Group twice a month with funds for the group used out of the Youth Group line item.
Every year the clerk receives a Clerk Questionnaire and a Statistical report that needs to be filled out and entered online. The clerk thanks session for their willingness to help with the clerk’s questionnaire and the statistical report each year. Not all sessions are as joyful about completing the information.
Bath Church has a new mailing address. We have a post office box with Huber Heights postal service. The pastor and clerk have keys and will pick up the mail weekly. If you are sending things to the church our Post Office Box number is: 24156. City and zip code are the same as before.
Bank balances as of November 30th: Checking account - $35,880.83;
CDs - $70,155.42; Money Market - $15,339.65; Vanguard Wellington - $100,039.79;
Total monies - $221,415.69
The 2017 nominating committee met prior to the December session meeting. The following is the slate from the nominating committee for the Class of 2020: Susan Lockwood and Sharon Cottrill; the committee will continue to meet in the new year to find a person for the unexpired term in the Class of 2018.
There was a Called Congregational Meeting on Sunday, December 24th following morning worship for the purpose of electing two elders for the Class of 2020. Susan Lockwood and Sharon Cottrill were elected.
Session has elected Ethan Johns to serve as chair of the 2018 nominating committee and Susan Lockwood as the other session elder to serve on the nominating committee. The other three members of the nominating committee will be elected from the congregation at the Annual Congregational Meeting in January.
Sharon Cottrill will meet with the pastor and clerk following worship on January 7th for examination and training. Installation of the elder-elect will take place on January 14th during worship.
As a yearly requirement by the Presbytery, session reviewed the church membership roll. There were two families that the pastor will contact who do not attend regularly, or have not attended in over a year.


Gidget Collins, Clerk of Session