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Clerk’s Corner

Here are the highlights from the April session meeting:
Pastor Emily will serve the greater church through leading CE at Kirkmont Center June 24 – 30. She will not be taking a Sunday off and would be able to come back for any pastoral emergencies.
Bath Church was able to help another covenant church recently. Immanuel Korean Presbyterian Church lost their session Minute Book. We had an extra registry book that we were not using so we gave it to Immanuel Korean PC to use as a Minute Book, along with some minute book pages. The registry book came from another church that closed years ago.
Bank balances as of March 31st: Checking account - $30,455.91; CDs - $70,214.01; Money Market - $15,343.18; Vanguard Wellington - $99,764.21; Total monies - $215,777.31
Verna gave the Commissioner report from the called Presbytery meeting on 27 March. The Presbytery approved a motion to concur with Overture 052, on establishing an Administrative Commission to address issues in the Synod of the Covenant, originated by the Presbytery of Cincinnati. This overture is now Item 05-03 assigned to the Committee on Mid-Councils. The concurrence did not include any additional rationale beyond that accompanying the Presbytery of Cincinnati overture. The presbytery also approved a motion authorizing our presbytery’s Leadership Council to appoint an overture advocate to be sent to G.A.
Susan Lockwood will serve as the commissioner to the May 8th presbytery meeting which will be at Sugar Creek PC beginning at 3:00 pm. Although only the commissioner may vote at the meeting, anyone is allowed to attend.

Gidget Collins Clerk of Session