Committees and Groups


Clerk of Session:      Ethan J.

Finance Secretary:     Pam B.

Treasurer:     JO  M.

Session Members

In a Presbyterian church and in accordance with the Book of Order, the Session is responsible for governance of a church.  Bath Church is governed by a council of Elders, called a Session, who are selected by the congregation and ministerially ordained. The Session is charged with providing for the worship, ministry, and mission of the church.

Finance/Admin Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for financial stewardship of the church.  The finance committee also includes the chruch treasurer and financial secretary. 

Ethan J. is our Financial/Admin Commttee Elder

Media Committee

The Media Committee produces and publishes the month newsletter, The Church Mouse.  The committee also oversees the church's website,  The Media Committee also manages the marquee at the church parking lot entrance.  

Verna D. is our Media Committee Elder

Fellowship & Congregational Care Committee

Let us concentrate on the things which make for harmony and growth of our fellowship together. 

(Romans 14:19)

Fellowship and Congregational Care are important parts of life in the Bath Church family.  Fellowship and Congregational Care are combined committees because God calls each of us to participate in different ways of discipleship with each other and our community.  We give thanks first to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  He guides us with His redemptive love.  Things grow and change; that is part of this life in which we participate.  Be of a grateful heart.

Susan L. is our Fellowship and Congregational Care Elder

Christian Education

The Christian Education Committee works to provide Christian educational opportunities for the Bath Church congregation.  Three Sunday school classes meet each Sunday morning at 9:45 AM.  Classes are available for children and adults. There are two adult classes, one offering reading and discussion and the other viewing Christian media.  Classes meet following breakfast and adjourn in time for Worship.   Everyone is invited to join any of the Sunday morning classes. 

Verna D. is our Christian Education Elder 

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee tends to all things surrounding Worship at Bath Church - securing a pulpit supply minister when ours is unavailable, coordinating seasonal decorations for the sanctuary, preparing elements for Holy Communion, preparing the program and bulletin, and many other aspects of Worship life.   

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks.  

(I Thess 5:16-18)

Ethan J. is our Worship Elder

Mission/Outreach Committee

As always, there is a constant need for food items for FISH.  Every month, 81 families counting to about 275 individuals visit the FISH food pantry.  These families account for an average of about 110 children, 133 adults and 16 adult seniors.  With our help hungry families in Huber Heights receive groceries that they would otherwise struggle to afford.

Janet M. is our Mission/Outreach Elder

Property Committee

The property committee is primarily responsible for what the title implies, and that is to maintain the general welfare and upkeep of church property. This includes, but is not limited to general maintenance and care of the grounds and repair of items that may break or need adjusting.  Our committee is blessed to have "secret" helpers that always seem to be on top of things when we forget.  Since our church is one of the oldest in the local area, it takes time and caring to maintain certain areas, but we hope to keep Bath Presbyterian Church a wonderful place to worship for many years to come.

Pam B. is our Property Elder


Women's Gathering

The Women's Gathering (WG) usually meets on the first Monday of each month.  Each meeting includes a Bible study led by one of the members, a potluck, and sewing and craft activities.  The Women's Gathering participates in the mission activities of the Presbyterian Women (PW) USA.  Through PW USA the WG missions include ECHO, an interdenominational hunger program, Networkers, which honors and memorializes special mothers with anti-malarial mosquito nets for pregnant women in Africa. 

Helping our Community

Still other missions include homeless needs items for the Samaritan Homeless Clinic, donations to FISH in Huber Heights and more!


Music at Bath Church is facilitated by J.O. and Brad H.
Choir practice is on Wednesday evenings at 5:00pm to 5:30pm in the Fall

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