Pastor's Message


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Greetings Bath Church Family!
WE HEARD YOU! Thanks again to all those who participated in the roundtable discussions during Coffee and Donut time at the beginning of the Summer. Throughout our Summer meetings, Session and its committees have been guided and informed by your input.
Here’s what we heard from you: publicize our public events better, beef up the Church Mouse from committees and members’ events, balance intinction and traditional communion, include more familiar hymns, improve curb appeal of the building, improve the cemetery fence, have an outside Blessing of the Animals service, involve mission projects outside of the church building, be more flexible and try new things, improve communication between Session and members, and increase transparency between Session and members.
Here’s what we’re doing:
*We partnered with Faith Church to gather their publicity sources for VBS that were so effective and will use those sources to publish our public events in the future.
*We requested all Elders add more detail of their committees work to the monthly newsletter reports. Additionally, the Pastor and Clerk will provide more detail about Session’s actions and “behind the scenes” work of Session in the Church Mouse.
*We will be having traditional communion on World Communion Sunday in October.
*Each week, Pastor will strive to have one traditional hymn and one new hymn in the worship service
*Session has a list of priorities for beautification of the property, beginning with necessities -- elevator, parking lot, windows, steps, cemetery fence, landscaping. Please be patient with us...but we intend to address all these concerns within the year.
*We will have an outside special Blessing of the Animals service in October (not on a Sunday morning).
*We are commissioning the Mission committee to look into ways to serve outside of the church building.
*THIS is our attempt to improve communication and be more transparent.
You may ask questions, send input or visit Session, Clerk or the Pastor at any time; just arrange it. We plan to have these roundtable discussions a couple of times a year to increase communication between Session and the congregation as well.
Thanks for your input!
Christ’s Peace,
Pastor Emily