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Happy and prosperous New Year to the Bath Church Family!
I pray that this new year will be a season of renewed energy, vision and mission at Bath. Hopefully, our journey through Advent and Christmas 2018 has now set the course of our ministry into 2019. The way of hope, peace, joy and love takes us into the neighborhoods of our lives to meet Christ in the people and situations we encounter there. We do not simply celebrate one day – Christmas – but we celebrate the message of Christmas all year long – the good news that God is with us and goes with us as we begin a new year of life and of life together in ministry. I appreciate all the feedback, stories, and insights from our Advent journey together from those who attended our Advent noon prayer services and from those of you who engaged in the home Advent devotional materials. God was clearly at work in you all. I hope we will continue to find ways to fellowship, worship and pray together in this new calendar year.
As announced in worship, we will soon be transitioning in Session as new Elders take on their new responsibilities as committee chair-persons. We also have a major transition coming up as our impactful, diligent and beloved Clerk of Session, Gidget Collins, steps down in February and we orient our new Clerk and re-distribute roles of Clerk in partnership with the committee chairs and the Pastor. One transition that we are beginning now is that all pastoral concerns including:
• Prayer list/chain concerns
• hospitalizations
• upcoming surgeries
• deaths
will go through the Pastor, and no longer through the Clerk.  My contact information can be found in the bulletin each week:
Rev Emily Haddox
(937) 903-8188
When I am on vacation or at a Continuing Education event, I will give the pastoral on-call pastor's information directly to you all instead of sending issues though the Clerk.
We, as Session, realize that this change will take a while to be our habit, so all Elders are also available to help address pastoral concerns and make sure the prayer chain gets started and persons who need and desire pastoral care are tended to.
Joyous Blessings of a New Season!
Pastor Emily