Pastor's Message

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Blessed Summer to you all!

Most of our Covid restrictions have been lifted at this point. It has been such a joy to worship, fellowship and just meet together as a church family for most of the Summer so far. Sunday School for adults and children will resume in the Fall, so stay tuned for more details on that. The second and third quarter of 2021 has seen Bath Presbyterian Church (and it’s Pastor!) resuming to usual busy-ness.

In May, I had the joy of meeting with Betty and Bruce Hardin and then welcoming them into membership in our church. I officiated a wedding in early May for a couple who have been online worshippers and friends of our church, now that Covid gave us the nudge to livestream our worship services via our church FaceBook page.

For Pentecost, we had a celebration of life service for Jackie Beatty, Bob Powell and Maudie Lawson; our 3 members who died during the year of online worship. Several of our members wrote memorials and expressions of appreciation for these saints of our church that were read during the service. It was very meaningful after a difficult year of not being able to gather and say goodbye to our beloved fellow congregants.

Also in May, I spoke with Terry Kukuk, the Executive Presbyter of our Presbytery and she will be the pulpit supply for us the last Sunday in December, when I am on Christmas vacation. This is a huge privilege and I hope all of you can be there to hear Terry preach!

In June Coffee and Donuts returned, as well as the continuation of Coffee and Trivia that had begun during our online fellowship year. We are still in talks about whether these will continue as the same fellowship event or whether we are going to schedule these as two separate events so that nobody has to feel torn between the two gatherings.

Also in June, our Mission committee took on a new mission at a local laundromat. We bought prepaid laundry cards and handed them out to patrons of the laundromat on Valley St. (see the Mission report for more details about this ministry).

In late June, I was away on a Sunday in which J.O. Millerpreached. I was at Kirkmont Center providing Christian Education and Chaplaincy to Middle and High School youth for the week. Thank you all for granting me the opportunity to serve the larger church in this way.

In July we arranged to bring an ice cream socialevent to Rob West’s home to share with his roommates and staff. Much thanks to Deb Hitchcock, Janet Miller and Dan and Mabel Geis for organizing thisoutreach. It was much appreciated by Rob and his housemates!

Coming up in August, I will be on vacation the first Sunday of the month and Pastor Derek Horton will be our guest preacher. Bath will also be hosting the Comfort Meal for Jackie’s Beatty’s Memorial Service on Saturday, August 7th; more information to come.
Also, plans are in the works for us to have a new member joining our church!

If you ever have a need, suggestion, question or anything else; please call/email/text or approach me or a Session member (Ethan, Donna, Deb, Pam Bowen, Judy or Janet). It is my joy to continue to serve another year as your Stated Supply Pastor.

In Christ’s Peace and Love, Pastor Emily