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Greetings, Bath Church!

The Apostle Paul often wrote in his letter to the new fledgling churches or churches in times of great transition with gentle reminders of how to be in loving community with one another during strange and stressful times. In his letter to the Church at Philippi, Paul wrote:
"The encouragement in Christ is to console in love, share the Spirit of compassion and sympathy and make joy complete. Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility regard others as better than yourselves. Let each of you look not to your own interests, but the interests of others.
" Our world is divided right now over the need to take precautions during this time of global pandemic or not take precautions.
The Session at Bath has decided to take the stance of protecting the vulnerable and caring for the "other".
Worship is very different right now; it's not the way we want it. However, we are still being the Church of Jesus Christ in worship and Mission and we are loving one another by honoring the "interests of others" at this time by honoring the following guidelines for Sunday worship service:

1- Please arrive no earlier than 10:30am.
2- Enter the church through the double doors on the large parking lot side of the church as the other doors will be locked.
3- An Elder/Usher will greet you with a bulletin and any needed instructions. You will be required to wear a mask through the entire worship service. One will be provided by the Usher if you do not have one with you.
4- When you enter the sanctuary, you will notice that ribbons and signs mark off the areas that are not to be used for seating in worship. Please find an open space and sit only with other members of your household.
5- Please do not leave this pew to socialize or for anything else besides the restroom until the end of worship.
6- We will not be singing in worship, but there will be lots of lively music.
7- The passing of the peace will be seated- smile, wave, flash the peace sign, etc.
8- Only the Ushers will touch the offering plate.
9- Children will not come forward during the children's time (exception, if pastor's kids are the only ones in worship).
10- The nursery is closed and will not be used at this time.
11- Cards will not be for sale in the narthex at this time.
12- The water cooler will not be available at this time.
13- If you bring food for FISH, or other Mission items, please leave them in your pew and Mission committee will gather them after worship.
14- At the end of worship, the Ushers will dismiss by rows (similar to a wedding) and we will leave through the side door of the sanctuary into the large parking lot.
15- Please practice social distancing in the parking lot. Wear masks/keep 6ft between yourself and others outside of your household.
There is encouragement in Christ! We have compassion and sympathy. May our prayer this month be that our joy be made complete, even when there are things at our church and in our lives and in our world that we are not happy about.

Peace, Pastor Emily