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Happy and blessed New Year to you all! For those of you in attendance at the Christmas Eve Service, “Be a Star” was our theme and challenge for the new year. Star Words were distributed to you each individually (please see Becky Mast, Deb Hitchcock or Pastor Emily if you still need a star).
A star word is simply a star-shaped piece of gold paper with a word printed on it. Everyone is asked to reflect on their word for the coming year. We invite you to ponder what significance this word might have in your life and how God might be speaking to you through the star's simple message.  Your star word is on a gold star as a tangible, clear signs of God’s presence. We are all really good at being busy for God. This star practice invites us all to change up our routine in our life of faith and “be still” in God's presence. So, keep your star word all
year and ponder it in your heart during your time of prayer and meditation.

Christ’s Peace be with you all,  Pastor Emily
Have a Peaceful New Year!