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Greetings Bath Church Family!
The Lenten Season will start with an Ash Wednesday service on March 6th at 7pm. Come for your disposition of ashes. This will be a quiet service with time for personal reflection and conversation with God to discern if taking on/giving up something that keeps you from right relationship with God will be a faith step in your Lenten journey this year.
Please note that beginning in March, my office day will switch from Thursday to Wednesday. Office hours will be 9:30-4:30.
Many thanks to Clerk Ethan for taking the initiative and putting in the work of purchasing and installing the screen, DakBoard and Raspberry Pi that now allow us to digitize our church calendar! Please check out the new screen on the way in to worship. The screen will be constantly updated to reflect the vital life of the church and also to display the current Missions and liturgical focus at Bath.
The committees of the church are as follows:
Worship - Sharon, chair
Finance/Admin - Ethan, chair
CE/Media - Deb, chair
Property - Judy, chair
Fellowship- Susan, chair
Mission - Verna, chair
All committees are in a period of reboot and revitalization with the recent Elder chair shuffle. We invite you to bring your voice to the table by joining a committee. Give your input and your vision for Bath Church!

Christ’s Peace be with you all,
Pastor Emily

Office Hours:  Wednesdays 9:30-4:30; or by appointment