Spiritual Growth

Did you know that if you read only 7 chapters of the Bible each day, you will read the entire Bible in just one year?  Why not begin today?  You can try it by holding a Bible in your hand and turning the pages.  If this is your preference, why not start with the New Testament Book of Matthew and work your way through?  Or if you prefer, use our on-line options.  When you return to our home page you will find the link to our home page with the New Revised Standard Version availalbe to you. 

You are invited to visit our Sunday morning Young Adult and Adult Faith Building class. We meet in Friendship Hall immediately after our free breakfast.  Topics are current and dicsussion and videos encourage lively conversation on the many ways our faith and life inform each other.   It doesn't matter if you have spent a lifetime of Bible reading in your background or you are a beginniner.  Everyone is welcome.   We hope to see you soon!

Children have a special place in the life of Bath Church.  Our leaders are experienced with all ages.  Each week they are building their foundation through lessons in "We Believe" and learning they are an important part in the love of God and the life of this caring community.

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